Always be Investing

In all businesses we have heard you must “ABC”, always be closing. This is no different in our industry and I appreciate the sentiment.

In the health and fitness industry it is crucial to handle your business as that, a business. You need

to sign up members.

But what if you used the mantra , "ABI", as in Always Be Investing

You should constantly be investing in your own education, the education of your employees, and in your physical facility.

Here is why.

When you invest in your own education you not only learn new skills, but you also stay crisp and prevent becoming stagnant.

Think about it, when you come back from a conference or seminar how do you feel? Did you really gain a ton of knowledge? Maybe, maybe not, but you can gain a lot of perspective on different aspects of a very dynamic industry. The refreshing perspective often inspires you to do more with your clients and athletes.

When you invest in your employee’s education you are doing the exact same thing, except with one added benefit.

In the past when my boss sent me on continuing education trips I felt like I was growing as a coach and moving along a path I wanted—not what he wanted. In reality everyone was winning because we were both involved in the growth process. This created a winning relationship, winning relationships are the best relationships.

Investing in your physical facility shows everyone you care. You care about the quality, cleanliness, and overall professionalism of your environment. These investments do not have to be great, and inevitably will come in different financial increments.

Often times investing in education is low cost, such as buying a book or taking a course on-line. There will be times where you and your employees travel for education. These trips are an important part of the growth of your facility. Yes, they will be more expensive, but will pay off quickly.

Investing in your physical facility shares the same sentiment as above. Some investments are greater than others. Paint a dingy wall, buy new bands, add an expensive piece of equipment. All costs are not the same, but the message is. WE WANT TO IMPROVE AND BE THE BEST. WHEN WE ARE THE BEST IT HELPS YOU ACHIEVE YOUR GOALS.

Say this loud with your actions. Your members will not always verbalize their appreciation, but deep down they will always appreciate it.

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