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Dear friends and colleagues,

These are uncertain times, wild for sure. A lot of you are scared. You don’t know what the future holds, and this is leading you to act and speak irrationally.

Let me take a second and remind you who the fuck you are!

You started your gym with less than you have now. You had fewer members, less cash, more debt, and probably even less certainty.

Despite all of that, you made it to this point. You are here. Your business is doing well, and you will be fine.

It takes a special kind of person to be an entrepreneur. You have to have courage in the face of fear, calmness in times of chaos, and faith in yourself that cannot be rivaled.

Do not forget those very qualities are what inspired you to start your gym in the first place.

If you are like me you lived through worse economic times—I was a personal trainer from 2007-2009, arguably the worst economy of modern US history.

When I started my first gym, I used student loan money to get it off the ground. I scratched and I clawed and found a way to make it work, JUST LIKE YOU!

It was hard, it was scary, but I did it—because this is my passion and my life’s work.

We are fighters and we are builders. This does not stop us.

Make the most of this mandated downtime.

Take this opportunity to learn about your business. How are you set up to handle recession? Are you really offering unique products or services? What is your "why"? How do you train your employees? Where do you want to go next?

Lastly, in these moments of trying times make good decisions that reflect your character. Don’t panic and don’t beg. Don’t say things you will regret. Treat your membership the best you can. Remember they are scared too. When this passes members will come back.

Lastly, remember who the fuck you are!



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