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Coaching Speed Training

The best speed training is the training that doesn’t get overly coached.

Speed is a very dynamic activity. As coaches, if we sit there trying to nit pic every detail the athlete is likely to miss the point, and suffers from paralysis by analysis.

Often times things are happening so fast that we simply can’t understand all the details of the situation.

The best speed training is one where the activities and the exercises themselves take care of the outcome you are trying to achieve. If an athlete lacks the ability to accelerate and get full separation, start them in a half kneeling position so they are forced to do this.

Speed and skill development works by breaking a bigger more complex task down into smaller elements. These smaller elements allow an athlete to achieve a desired outcome you might not get with the bigger task. You then apply the work and the success from these smaller, less complex elements back into the big task itself to elicit the results you want. Think about the outcome you want from acceleration and skipping drills, and then apply those elements into a 60 yard dash.

You simply can’t quite coach speed. Even if you could, the athlete would probably fail when introduced back into a more chaotic environment.

Set the athlete up in an environment where the constraints allow for the outcome you wish to achieve.

This is why play when athletes are young is the best type of speed training.

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