Creating Your Technique

Updated: Jun 23, 2019

Weightlifting technique is as unique as the individual who practices it.

Much like playing the guitar there are basics to master before you can develop what will appear as your style.

Notes are played together for a simple song. Notes are combined to make chords. Chords are combined with one another to make rhythms.

Notes and chords are then assembled for advanced music.

Once the notes and chords have been played together over and over again, then and only then does freelancing and greatness occur.

Good weightlifting is no different than good music. Basics must be mastered first.

A good set up leads to a good first pull, which is a must for a strong second pull.

If the second pull is not perfected the transition to the catch will be a struggle. Without strength the catch probably wont occur.

Greatness in any skill starts by mastering the basics. Once these basics are mastered by practice, you can begin to freelance and create your own technique.

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