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It is ironic that I own a 7,000 square foot training facility and I am about to encourage you to build a garage gym.

I have a garage gym and I think everyone should have one. In fact, I trained in my garage this morning and pulled some massively heavy deadlifts and squatted until my eyeballs bled.

But, you need to consider what can be gained and what can be lost when moving your training into your home.

Let us start with the bad. Here is what you are going to lose.

The worst thing that happens when you train in your garage is that you become your coach. All of the sudden you are programming for you and becoming your own critic. Even for those of us who are trained at the highest level, this is still nearly impossible. In fact—I hired Jessie Clark as my personal trainer and yes; I pay him just like a client would.

Coaches will always see more than you. They will look at you objectively and if they are good they will discuss the things that are holding you back. Great coaches will not always be your best friends. In fact, great coaches often times will piss you off, because they are telling you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear. None the less coaches should be there for just one simple reason—to make you better.

If your goal really is important, and you truly want to progress, then you need an objective eye on your training.

With the advent of the internet you can easily hire a coach and find one to help you out from a distance and face to face. We recommend coaches for nutrition as well as training. Linked are our top two recommendations.

Second. —You are going to be lonely. Training in isolation has a romantic notion about it. We all have visions of ourselves with our hoodies pulled up, a cold chill on the bar, and us just hammering 600lb deadlifts and 200kg clean and jerks to the tunes of Pantera.

Unfortunately the feelings of romance don’t last. It becomes harder and harder to drag your ass out to the garage to train.

I do not care who you are, it is hard to train alone, especially if you are used to being on a team or in a training environment with other people who share your passion.

Training partners are often underestimated. Nothing beats showing up and training with someone who is trying to better themselves. On days where you struggle to get the work done you may be uplifted by someone else’s effort.

When you are feeling bored and burnt out your teammates will provide you with support to stick through the grind of the training. Often times this is the difference between maintaining all of your gainz and watching them slowly slip into dad bods on mom ass.

In the end, when you suffer with someone else, and when you achieve something with the support of others; a tighter bond is formed. We all desire human connection in all types of relationships. This is no different.

Loneliness will directly correlate to point number 4—because of this isolation you are not going to use your home gym as much as you had initially thought. Which is ok, if you are balancing out your at home training at the gym training.

To give you an idea of the frequency of use, I typically only train in my garage gym about 2 to 4 times per month. That is right 2 to 4 times per month. I usually train in the garage on the weekends when I have family commitments and kid’s activities that are going to take up most of my time. And for me personally the lack of training at home has nothing to do with quality of equipment, I have eleiko, rogue, werksan, and all kinds of other high quality equipment in my garage. It just is not as fun as being at the gym.

Be careful how you spend your money on a home gym, there are the things you don’t realize you are buying when you sign up to train at a high quality gym like Lift Lab.

Then there is the upside.

Convenience-- Easily the number one upside to having a home gym.

Sometimes I just simply do not have time to go to the gym. I live an hour away from the Lift Lab Co and it just is not that convenient to run downtown and train on days I am not working. I know I need to train to keep my progress going and knocking out an hour training session in the garage is a great way to start my day and mentally keep me focused on what I am try to achieve.

Second-- I do have a huge sense of satisfaction when I train in the garage. Here is why.

My home gym training goes something like this.

I wake up and train in the garage early on a Saturday or a Sunday morning. And early for me is like 430am. Most people don’t have the discipline get up at 430am to train on one of their “sleep in” days, but for me I love it. I feel like I am doing something extraordinary and I am not being just a normal human being.

I feel like I am being better. I am working towards my goals. I am being different than your average person. This gives me a huge feeling of satisfaction. Along those same lines I feel like you must live with discipline to have freedom. Its sounds contradictory but think about it, the more disciplined you are to do things the better your life tends to run. Period.

I love to feel like I am living with discipline. Choosing to live with discipline has given me so much freedom, and for that reason, that reason alone everyone should have a home gym.

Lastly—and I saved the best reason to have a home gym for last.

If you have kids and you have a home gym, your children can immediately see value in a healthy lifestyle. Your kids watch everything you do both good and bad.

Even though your kids may be to young to know what is really going on, they can see that mom and dad are in the garage pushing themselves to get better. They can see that physically improving oneself is a worthy goal and they will start to assign value to fitness and strength at an early age.

Can you think of a better habit for kids to mimic? Look--they are going to be inspired by different things and they are going to carve their own path, have their own creative ventures, and ultimately their own life. But from an early age you are showing them how to earn the one thing that can not be purchased; a healthy lifestyle, and that my friends is worth the cost of a home gym.

If you would like to learn how you can incorporate your kids into training please email DAN and check out WHY KIDS SHOULD TRAIN by the ever talented Jessie Clark!


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