How to Grow Your Weightlifting Club

Updated: Jun 23, 2019

Lets face it. Barbells are sexy. Having a barbell club is sexy. But not everyone can grow a barbell club to the point of financial viability.

Growing a weightlifting club is extremely simple. Not easy-- yet not complex.

You have to be willing to do 3 simple things.

The first is super easy.

1.)You have to eat, breathe, and sleep weightlifting. You have to love it. It must be your passion. With this passion comes the willingness to consume and learn as much about the sport as possible. This is crucial because it will allow you to become an expert in your area. When you are an expert people will seek your opinion. If you deliver it with emotion, you will allow them to connect.

2.) You must advocate for weightlifting at every stop-- and not in the old crotchety gray sweat pants wearing kind of way-- where you shame people if they don't weight lift. You have to educate and advocate for the sport. Shed light on what it is and demonstrate the value it can add to someone's life. Know your audience and appeal to them.

3.) You have to hustle hard. No one knows about weightlifting. This is good and bad.

The good is-- once you show them and have them experience it, you know they will love it.

The bad-- weightlifting is confused with lifting weights, powerlifting, bodybuilding, and pretty much anything not snatching and clean and jerking, is weightlifting to someone else.

Therefore, you must constantly hustle to teach and share with people in your area. Most of this time will not be financially productive and will possibly hurt your sole a little bit. But hustle and grind go a long way. Get comfortable with people saying no. Get comfortable with people not being into weightlifting.

It is ok. Your kids will still love you!

Remember when you start a revolution it only starts with a few!

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