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Investor vs. Consumer


A consumer doesn’t know what they will have for breakfast tomorrow.

A consumer stops by the local fast food joint because it’s convenient.

A consumer binge watches Netflix for hours on Fridays because the weekends are for fun.

A consumer doesn’t set an alarm. If they sleep in, the work gets delayed.

A consumer only reads magazines for entertainment.

A consumer can tell you the latest workplace gossip but somehow, never has time to finish their work.

A consumer shops the middle aisles of a grocery store because everything is prepackaged and tastes so good!

A consumer needs a phone charger at work, home and car because the battery never keeps up with the heavy use of liking selfies.

A consumer never misses out on watching the big game for 3 hours on Sundays.

A consumer hires someone to mow their own yard.

A consumer has the $500 purse/wallet with $50 in it.

A consumer requires energy drinks before they can go to the gym.

A consumer complains that there is no more bottled water and the gym is too hot.

A consumer only lives for the weekend.

A consumer thinks it’s absurd to pay for a coach but has no problem paying for 5 streaming devices.

A consumer has more Instagram posts per workout than actual meaningful sets.

A consumer can tell you how many social media followers they have but can’t tell you how much water they drink a day.

A consumer gives much unsolicited advice, but knows little.

A consumer must have the perfect playlist in order to workout.

A consumer only works on muscles that they can see.

A consumer needs a completely customized program because there is no way that what works for the majority of people will work for them.

A consumer just wants to tone and not get TOO strong. Heaven forbid that they become a more capable human being.

A consumer doesn’t see the bigger picture and only wants the short-term win right in front of them.

A consumer chase’s PR’s every week and gets mad if that doesn’t happen.

A consumer only does exercises that they want to do.

A consumer jumps from gym to gym because the last place couldn’t meet their needs anymore.


An investor knows exactly what they will have for breakfast tomorrow.

An investor doesn’t sacrifice the nutrient content of food for convenience.

An investor realizes that the work doesn’t stop just because it’s the weekend.

An investor wakes up at the same time every day, regardless of what day it is.

An investor reads books for self-improvement.

An investor minds their business and has plenty of time to get their work done.

An investor shops the perimeter of the grocery store because that is where all of the real food is.

An investor has had the same phone for years and uses it sparingly.

An investor has time for loved ones on Sundays, even if that means they’ll miss the 1:00 kickoff.

An investor mows their own lawn. Their kids watch as mommy or daddy does the physical work required.

An investor has a $50 purse/wallet with $500 at their disposal.

An investor has a sound diet so they are ready to exert physical work at a moment’s notice.

An investor was raised on playing outside in the summer and drinking from a garden hose.

An investor utilizes all 7 days per week to his advantage.

An investor has no issue paying for something to improve their well being.

An investor trains for themselves. They don't need recognition from others.

An investor drinks plenty of water.

An investor is an expert at his field but only gives advice when asked.

An investor has no problem training in silence, alone with his thoughts.

An investor has no need for a mirror to see improvement.

An investor realizes that foundational movements exist for a reason.

An investor knows that training is about celebrating what the body can do and strives to improve its capability.

An investor plays the long game and values consistency over superfluous gains.

An investor plans ahead for PR’s and knows that the better they become, they longer the wait until the next one.

An investor TRAINS what they need to do, not what they feel like doing.

An investor knows that consistency is key and positive change takes time.

When considering your approach to life, are you investing in yourself or are you simply consuming items that feel good now? Don’t approach life for instant gratification. Invest in discipline. Your future self will thank you.

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