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Investor vs. Consumer


A consumer doesn’t know what they will have for breakfast tomorrow.

A consumer stops by the local fast food joint because it’s convenient.

A consumer binge watches Netflix for hours on Fridays because the weekends are for fun.

A consumer doesn’t set an alarm. If they sleep in, the work gets delayed.

A consumer only reads magazines for entertainment.

A consumer can tell you the latest workplace gossip but somehow, never has time to finish their work.

A consumer shops the middle aisles of a grocery store because everything is prepackaged and tastes so good!

A consumer needs a phone charger at work, home and car because the battery never keeps up with the heavy use of liking selfies.

A consumer never misses out on watching the big game for 3 hours on Sundays.

A consumer hires someone to mow their own yard.

A consumer has the $500 purse/wallet with $50 in it.