Jerk Fixes

Updated: Nov 1, 2018

The snatch is hard, the clean is easy, and the jerk is just plain fun!

Maybe I am biased because I have always been able to jerk more than I clean, but nothing feels better, or more primal than hoisting a heavy weight above your head.

There are some people out there who despise the jerk. They fear it. They fear the heavy weight going above their head, but as with most things in life, the more you know about it the less you fear it.

Lets break down three easy steps you can take to make sure that the jerk becomes just plain fun for you.

First, we need to find your jerk split distance. Here is a 30 second video on how to set up to determine how far apart your feet should be. Notice that when you are trying to establish this position you should be using marking on the platform to evaluate your attempts/progress.

1.) Half Kneeling Stance

2.) Chinese Jerk Drill

One you have determined your proper split distance it is time to put it in action. We have a real simple drill that we use with almost all of our athletes in their warm up-- yes this includes even the most advanced lifters, because this drill is not only a great drill for practicing split distance, but also the transition to the recovery. I took this drill from old Chinese Weightlifting training hall footage.

Give it a try-- you need no weight, and it will be valuable in your development.

3.) Dip Stop Drill

Next up-- we use the dip stop drill. This drill allows us to do two things. Check the torso position of the lifter and it allows us the opportunity to check for proper weight distribution. (***for more on this see the Bonus Videos Below)

I know I said I was only going to give you 3-drills but I have two bonus videos I want to add in.

It seems counterintuitive to consider the split clean a jerk drill--but it is. If you have an athlete split clean it will help them with proper positioning of the front and back leg as well as helping them to understand timing.

Bonus Video #1

And Finally.... I changed my mind about jerk technique a while back. I am really interested in weight distribution in the feet. I will let you watch this video as I walk you through what I want to see when an athlete dips and drives.

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Bonus Video #2


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