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Keep Showing Up

When trying to be better at any endeavor we will experience setbacks or periods of time where the process seems very dull. We might even think of quitting. We might ask ourselves questions like, “do I still want to do this?” “Is it all worth it?” Those are questions that only you can evaluate. Are your goals important enough to keep wanting to show up?

The important part is to keep showing up. Over time you will start to experience those same bursts of excitement that were there at the beginning of the journey. Or, you might finally come to the realization that whatever you are doing just isn’t for you anymore. If this is you, you might still be on the path, but maybe a different route.

The only way to not stay on the path is to not show up. Not showing up isn’t going to answer any of your questions. Staying on the path is for those willing to embrace the frustrations, the setbacks, and the boredom to reap the rewards for what is to come later down the line. It isn’t easy, but the world responds well to those that keep showing up.

This isn't motivation. You get decide what you are after. You may be unsure, but that's all right. The only way to know, make adjustments, and keep moving forward is to keep showing up.

So, keep showing up.

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