Move Forward

This week I listened to a great interview with former Army Ranger Kris Paronto. If that name sounds familiar, the recent movie 13 Hours, portrayed his real life experience with the Benghazi terrorist attack. There were a number of great takeaways from this podcast but one simple concept stuck out to me that could be easily replicated in a multitude of areas.


Kris describes this concept in the sense of being in a battle. When chaos ensues and situations do not go according to plan, there is something that you could always try and achieve. Take the next house. Clear the next room. Take the next step. It doesn’t matter how small the next immediate task is. The goal is to move forward.

This concept can be traced back into the topic of leadership. Leaders do not always need some grandiose plan to relay to his team. At times, trying to think in a big picture sense could be paralyzing and detrimental. When an enemy is quickly approaching, your team does not need to know all of the reasons why they are in a firefight. All they need to hear at the present moment is to defend that wall. Once that goal is achieved, tell them the next objective and so on and so forth. By compounding small tasks that push your team forward, you will drive the enemy back.

The reason why I love this concept is its simplicity. In the coaching world, my job is to create and implement the right programs that give my athletes the best opportunity to be successful. That’s all it comes down to. Does training always go according to plan? Never. Life happens and we must adapt. If us coaches tried to rigorously stick to the plan every time there is a misstep, we wouldn’t survive in this industry. An athlete is recovering from an injury and can’t lift over 100 pounds? Empty the bar and drill technique. Are they in an arm sling the next six weeks? No problem, time to focus on our safety bar squats.

I wrote a blog last week describing habit layering and this concept perfectly aligns with it. What is the one thing that you can do TODAY to move forward? This question can apply to business, training and all areas of your social life.

The answer to that question could be reaching out to a prospective client, practicing your overhead squats or having coffee with an old friend. No matter what the day brings your way, always look to move forward.


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