Practice Doesn't Make Perfect

Sorry kids, practice doesn't make perfect.

Growing up playing sports, we all heard the saying, ‘’Practice makes perfect.’’ In a perfect world, this might be true but in actuality, it isn’t. It would be more accurate to just be honest and say,

‘’Practice makes better.’’ But that isn’t nearly as catchy or motivating for a kid who hates to practice the sport he’s playing.

What we should tell kids, and everyone for that matter is ‘’Perfect practice makes perfect.’’

When you think about it, this makes sense. Did all these guys get to the NFL, NBA and MLB by just going through the motions?

99% of them weren’t gifted with the genetics to be gods among men. They had to work their asses off making every detail about their game as close to perfect as they could. I guarantee that the overwhelming majority of their practices were spent really focusing on one or two aspects of their game and making a conscious effort to improve them.

This mentality can be carried over to the gym. On the field, we want to be as efficient as possible.

Being efficient in our movement on the field starts by working towards and striving to achieve perfect movement off the field, namely in the gym.

By fixing your movement under a controlled setting, we teach your body how to move in the most efficient way possible. Once your movement is where we want it, we start loading the pattern with weight so you engrain efficient movement and become strong in the patterns we want you to be strong in.

As you become stronger using the correct movement patterns, you will naturally use more efficient movement on the field. You will produce more force, be more explosive and be faster in whatever you’re doing whether it be tackling, hitting a ball or sprinting.

When you think of the saying, ‘’Perfect practice makes perfect," think about it not only in terms of what you’re doing on the field, but what you’re doing off the field as well.

Anything that you are utilizing to make improvements in your performance is worth doing right.

Going through the motions isn’t good enough if you want to be the best. It takes a conscious, consistent effort to make the small changes that take you from being good to great; the beginnings of which are learning to move in the most efficient, powerful way possible.

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