Progress is Slow

No one starts off lifting records and beating the top guys in the sport. This is a big reason why weightlifting isn't very popular in America. People love seeing a rookie come into the NBA and average 20+ points a game or carry their team deep into the playoffs. That just doesn't happen in weightlifting. No one starts out being great and beating the top guys in their weight class. It takes a lot of work to even be considered decent at weightlifting. This is what drives a lot of people out.

Below is a video of me lifting a couple months after starting weightlifting. This was an old drill that we did. If you can't tell, it isn't very good. It's also only with 40 kilos.

A little more background with this video. Unlike most people, I was drawn to weightlifting (specifically snatching) because there was basically no one around me that could snatch well (that I knew of). I knew that the one guy I saw snatching at the Purdue CoRec had worked his ass off to get where he was. I wanted other people to look at me the same way.

In this video, I was about 94kg (207lbs) and couldn't have snatched 40 kilos correctly. In fact, I couldn't even overhead squat without my heels coming 2 inches off the ground. I was squatting 200+kg, so of course I was strong enough to throw 40kg over my head, but I wanted to do it right.

This video was almost exactly two years ago.

Below is a video of my third snatch from my last meet two weeks ago.

This was a competition PR at 125kg while weighing in at 98kg.

It isn't perfect, but it's a long way from where I started.

The purpose of me putting these videos up isn't to gloat, it's to remind beginner weightlifters that people lifting a lot of weight don't start out that way. Weightlifting takes an enormous amount of work and patience.

While some people are naturally stronger than others, some move better or have body proportions that are conducive to weightlifting, there is always room to improve. You can always be stronger, move better or improve technique. Even more so if you're a beginner.

Beginner weightlifters have so much room for improvement that going from being unable to snatch 40kg to 100+ in a few years is not uncommon. If you want to be good in this sport, you need to have patience, work hard and do what you need to do to get better. Progress can be slow at times but you need to stick to the plan. The results will follow.

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