Ten Day Taper

I wanted to put out a real short and sweet post about tapering for a weightlifting meet.

Olympic style weightlifting is an extremely unique sport in term of demands. You have to physiologically push the limits with heavy weights and neurologically give your body enough time to rest, but not so much time that the residual effects are lost.

At Lift Lab we have experimented with a 7-day taper which ended up not being enough time to allow the athlete to fully recover from heavy training cycles.

The next taper we used was a 14-day taper—which was too long of a taper. The reason it was too long is because the athletes were not hitting heavy weights consistently enough in training to be able to go to a meet and put up a good fight. The 14-day taper actually produced worse results than the 7-day taper.

Previously we eliminated squats when we began the taper. This ended up being less than optimal so we added in heavy squats at a low volume. What this did was allowed our athletes to get a CNS stimulation without a ton of fatigue.

Naturally the next step was for us to use a 10-day taper. 10-day is just about perfect for us. —its far enough out we can work in some heavy stuff—but not so far out that the athletes lose connection with the bar.

Please feel free to experiment with the taper below.


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