The Beginning of the American Weightlifting System

With the closing of the training center in Colorado Springs—USA weightlifting no longer has centralized athlete training. On the outside it would appear that we just took a crushing blow to our system for developing athletes on the world stage. I strongly disagree.

If you choose to look at this as a positive event here is what you will start to see.

The American Weightlifting System is essentially no system. This may sound as if we are unorganized, unqualified, and ill prepared to compete on the world level. This lack of system is exactly what we need to develop weightlifters here in this country.

Our culture is unlike the eastern block countries or any other country that operates in a socialist economic system. American athletes are accustomed to having choices. They love to consume information and select a training environment that they feel bests suits their needs.

American coaches are the same way. As coaches we want free reign to develop talent in the way we are passionate about. We do not like to have our training philosophy dictated, rather created by our dedication to our passion.

What about leadership from USA Weightlifting?

We have a stronger sense of central leadership coming from our NGB, and now more than ever US coaches are encouraged to do what we do best. INNOVATE!

Some in the sport will try and be negative and say you can not reinvent anything new in the sport of Olympic Weightlifting.

To some degree that is true, however we always looking for new ways to solve old problems. This is the American way!

The USA has more equipment, resources (in the private sector), and access to coaching than probably any other country. We have an NGB that wants to help connect us to coaches and resources around the country. We are plush with training facilities and resources and talent.

Our NGB wants to help us as individuals, with the mindset; “what is good for the goose is good for the gander.”

Our mindset as coaches will determine how we do on the world level in the next 4 years. We have

nothing to complain about. We have more resources, funding, and support than ANY OTHER


This is the very beginning of a true American Weightlifting System.

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