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The Best Exercise Program For You

You may find yourself asking, "what is the best exercise program for me?" You may want to know which program is going to get you the fastest results and which program you are going to enjoy. You may also want to know the program with the best price and has the location nearest to your house, BUT, I am willing to bet you would go with the more expensive program if it got you results AND you enjoyed it.

I think these are the only two aspects of any program that matter. Results and enjoyment are the only things that are going to make you adhere to a program for the long term. In my experience those are the only two reasons most people stop with their current training program. People may say that it is due to other factors, but at the same time, they were probably getting bored, burnt out, or weren't seeing the results they wanted, and a few other small life factors finally caused them to make the decision to stop training.

So, how do you find these two qualities in a program?

I honestly don't know if I have the perfect answers for that because many people are different. I have seen people find a lot of success on a program that doesn't seem enjoyable to most people and doesn't seem to be too in line with the science of training, BUT, they were getting results and they were probably having fun too.

If I could offer any bit of advice on this front it would be to find a coach, and a gym with a supportive community and one that has shown to have results with their clients. If you can find a coach or a gym with these qualities they likely know how to get results and they likely know how to keep it enjoyable for their clients as well. We know that only getting results will only go so far for so long. I would even say that it becomes much harder to get results if you aren't enjoying the process because you aren't bought into the program and will likely not give it your best effort.

In today's age it can be super confusing to find the best program for you in regards to exercise and fitness. There is simply too much information out there and no one expects everyone to know all the research to find the best place for them. Find something that you can enjoy and will likely adhere to in the long run. Results mainly come down to being able to accumulate work over a period of time. This is only going to happen if you can stick with a program and that's only going to happen if you enjoy it.

The best exercise program for you is the one that you do.

If you have any questions please feel free to shoot me an email at I would love to consult with you on your health and fitness needs.

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