The Number One Snatch Set Up Mistake

If you are the most advanced lifter you may need to be reminded of this. If you are a novice or beginner lifter, you need to stop what you are doing and focus on this blog for the next five minutes.

Most of the mistakes you will make as a lifter will occur from the floor to your knee. Any mistake that is made early in the lift will only increase in magnitude over time.

Think of it this way. If I shoot a gun at a target from 10 yards away and miss the bulls-eye by an inch, what would that same trajectory look like at 100 yards?

I can guarantee the shot is going to be off by way more than just an inch.

Furthermore, not setting up tight and consistent is the equivalent to shooting a gun without lining up the sights.

Not starting tight in the set up is the number one mistake you can make.

It pains me to see lifters who flop down in their set up with no consistency. Yes,they may have a ritual, but they lack direction in actual positional set up. If lifters do not have some positional integrity at the start, how will the athlete ever develop good technique?

As you become more experienced in the lifts, your take off point will be more consistent. But until then, lets take a simple approach to getting you set up correctly every time. Once you start to feel a proper take off consistently we will let you make a few adjustments.

For now, what I want is for you to try is this.

Without a bar in your hand I want you to stand tall as if you are at the top of the snatch.

Your body should be tight. To help get this position think about standing at attention and reaching your hands down like you are trying to reach the floor.

In essence your traps will be relaxed and your shoulders will be down and back with the arms long.

Keep this position as you squat all the way to the bar.

Let me repeat that. You are going to squat holding that position to the bar and grab the bar, without ever losing the position.

Got it?

This is your new set-up ritual.

For a little clarity watch the video below.


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