Vertical Location

Location, location, location!! How many times have we heard someone say that when it comes to a success in real estate?

In weightlifting the same holds true we we say vertical, vertical, vertical!

When the athlete jumps into the hole, whether snatch, clean or jerk, with their torso upright and vertical, we typically get a great result.

Everyone knows that the legs drive the lift, but the arm guide the bar into its final resting place.

All of this is done more efficiently with a vertical torso. Remember you have to locate that bar in a balanced position overhead.

Next time you see a really good lift, take note of the bottom position and see how vertical the athlete is when they finish.

The next question is obviously how do I get this vertical position?

Having a strong core certainly helps and we have exercises for that too, but at the end of the day, your athletes need to finish upright and strong with their torsos to have a chance at a successful lift.

Coaching athletes into this position will do more for them than anything!

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