Weightlifting Coaching: Finding Your Emotion

Everyone comes to the sport of weightlifting with a different set of experiences. As a coach you should be unique in your perspective and comfortable with who you are.

I am a sports performance coach through and through I had have a had a large portion of my psyche developed as a sports performance coach in a collegiate/professional setting.

For me, being emotional can be a good thing. In some coaching circles being emotional is celebrated.

For example, we have all seen the hype videos on Facebook of division one football players maxing out and producing some pretty impressive feats of strength.

In these videos you always notice a lot of yelling, slapping, and cheering. Look around and everyone’s energy is high.

Energy is contagious and people do great things when they feel it.

Last week we had a local meet at the gym. I was coaching and cheering for all of our lifters. I yell a lot and slap people on the back. In some was I demand our athletes feel some emotion when they lift. Everyone is different and I certainly push those who I know respond better to it.

I know that traditionally in weightlifting we have seen people prefer the calm quite approach to lifting-- and that certainly works for some.

But why does that have to be the norm?

Today in most training halls and gyms music plays. It plays loud and the atmosphere is electric. And on days where everyone is hitting big weights you can feel the energy. It is undeniable.

So as a coach why would I not want to create that to a certain level on meet day?

I hear some people whispering about me yelling and slapping people. I hear them make snide comments. But you know intensity during training and competing is who I am. I have always been that way and I don’t plan on changing it.

As long as I only help my athlete’s performance and not hurt it, I will keep my energy high. If that doesn’t work for you—that is OK you have to be who you are!

Keep inspiring in your own ways—keep growing the sport!


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