Weightlifting Meet for Beginners

There is a lot of information on the interwebz these days that directly deals with over emphasis on competition. There are many "experts" suggesting that athletes should take years and years of practice in their sport before ever competing.

I wholeheartedly disagree with this.

New weightlifters fall into one of two categories, those who want to compete right away, and those who are terrified to ever compete, but deep down really want to.

Anyone who has competed in the sport will tell you that their first meet was AWESOME! Your first meet is something you will never forget and words do not do it justice.

So, if the goal of coaches is to get as many people involved in the sport as possible, why not have them experience one of the best aspects of the sport immediately?

In addition to fun and excitement, athletes need meet experience! How many athletes know everything they need to know from doing just one meet? Competing and gaining experience is an invaluable part of the sport.

Your first meet does not need to be aimed at winning or hitting a certain total. You need to show up to the meet with the mind-set that it is just a heavy training day. You are experiencing the meet to gain knowledge and experience in the sport.

The biggest mistake people make at their first meet it trying to cut weight. There is no point in cutting weight. Your first meet is not going to be your best meet and rarely is anything on the line for the athlete.

Get in a meet, have fun, and put no emphasis on winning! Competing in your first meet is an experience I promise you will not regret.


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