Always be the Student

I have been coaching for over a decade and still love to hear others teach. One thing I have noticed is that when people start in Olympic lifting they know relatively little, however It seems like the learning curve is very accelerated. All of the sudden students for a year become masters. Don’t make this mistake. Never become the master, always be the student. Here are some thoughts to help you on your journey. Learn what you don’t know. Don't get in the habit of studying from the same source all the time. Teach someone. It helps you learn. Don’t shame them, educate them. When you seek others advice-- listen and ask leading questions. Let them talk. Thank them. Look at how other industries solve problems. We don’t lack drugs in this country, we lack creativity. Inspiration is everywhere, not just in the gym. Have a sounding board, someone you can trust who is objective. Objective is the key. No emotions can be involved when it comes to your technique. Be humble, be ready. Do the things you most hate doing. Everyone loves to lift a heavy single every three minutes. Do sets of 4 on the minute. Practice your sport. Do one drill everyday—not just the full lifts. Take warming up, resting, and conditioning seriously. Be complete. Do this because you love it. Do this because it adds value to your life.

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