No Easy Day

A common phrase I have encountered in numerous military books is “the only easy day was yesterday.” When these authors use these words, they are referring to the rigors of physical and mental training that one must endure in order to move on to the next phase. Warriors use this phrase to refer to the fact that their previous training and experiences are easy compared to what lies ahead. Everything gets harder from here on out. People say that it’s lonely on the mountaintop. I wonder why that is? Few people are willing to put in the time and work required to achieve greatness. That’s why the elite teams don’t accept just anybody. The higher up the proverbial ladder you get, the harder you have to work to keep moving up. This is also true in the training world. Think back to when you first picked up a barbell. If you are anything like me, you had no plan… no clue what you were doing, but I am sure you were able to see results after time nonetheless. Fast forward years or even decades of training and strength numbers don’t go up without putting in A TON more work. If you want to make the jump from someone who simply exercises to a competitive lifter, keep in mind that it only gets harder from here. The only easy day was yesterday. If you can start your journey fully embracing this phrase, you will set yourself up for future success.

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