Short in Time High on Intensity

Short on time high on intensity Last week I wrote about life getting in the way-- and I basically told you that was the worst excuse. I told you to generate a mantra, and I shared mine. "Philosophy and Strength". If that mantra doesn't work for you I have another to add. Life Disruptions When life disruptions occur the easy thing to do is put off training. Instead, lets use the mantra "short on time; high on intensity". This applies to all training goals-- Olympic weightlifting to general fitness. Today was a great example-- I was scheduled to ride outside on my gravel grinder for 60-90min at a HR of 120-140bpm. Steady aerobic development. Not only is this good for my body, it is great for my mind. It gives me time to myself with no interruption. However, life got in the way. My wife had a commitment and one of my kids was sick and stayed home from school. All of the sudden I was laying in bed, not fueled, half awake, when I realized I now had 30 minutes until I had to step in and be dad. So my choices? Stay in bed and drink coffee. Start working and answering emails and try to make up time for later in the day, or get hammering on that bike? I chose the latter. I ended up with 27 minutes to train after I brushed my teeth and put on cloths. I used 5 minutes to warm up, 20 minutes for 30/30 intervals-- and 2 minutes to cool down. It was not what I had planned, but I adapted and got it in. Just like you can. Sign up for your FREE LiftLab Assessment below. Purchase this product and a coach will contact you to schedule your 1 on 1 assessment.

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