Turkish Get-Ups

The Turskish Get (TGU) up is regarded as one of the best total body exercises one can do. It's comprehensiveness and versatility make it a great choice to incorporate with any fitness or performance athlete. Here at LiftLab we incorporate Turkish Get Ups into programs in many ways, but here are my favorite. 1.) Warm Ups and Readiness to Train Putting TGUs in the warm up is an easy way to warm up the entire body. We start with the TGU to post because this is easy to learn the TGU and has a lot of bang for your buck. The TGU to post integrates the core with muscles of the shoulder girdle. This primes the body for big movements, such as the olympic lifts, squat, presses, and dead lifts. I also like to use the TGU to post as a readiness to train measure. It’s not super scientific, but if you can normally use a 24kg kettlebell keeping proper form and then the next day the bell wobbles and you struggle to get up off the ground, it may not be chance. This doesn’t mean your training is doomed, but I would compare training numbers and how you feel to how hard it was to get up off the ground. This could be a sign that your body is fatigued and a lighter stimulus may be needed for that day. Remember-- “Never maximal, never minimal, always optimal.”--Louie Simmons https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aXr0shWd6FY 2.) Movement Prep One of the most common movements we prep for is the hinge pattern. If you’re going to deadlift, snatch, clean or any kettlebell exercise, you need to drill the hinge. One of my favorite exercises is the TGU with Hinge. It drills the hinge pattern in the lateral and transverse plane. It’s also a great glute activation drill your big movements. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2okj2uILap4 3.) Between exercises and accessory Wonder what to do between sets of bench press? If you’re a high level bencher you probably need to rest, but if you’re a general fitnesser, a TGU to bridge would be perfect between sets. If shoulder stability and is an issue adding TGUs as accessory work is a great idea. I’ve never heard anyone complain about wrecked shoulders after some good get ups. How many sets and reps? 1 per arm? 2 per arm? How about we just set the clock, pick a number per arm, and move through controlled and smoothly until you feel good. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ldu5clHsJls All-in-all TGU and all of the variations are a great tool to be used. Try these out and if you have any questions please email me HERE!

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