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Not Doing Just As Good As Doing

When working hard towards our goals we are always seeking things that we can be doing or things that we can be adding to our lifestyle that will help us achieve these goals.

When do we ever ask ourselves to drop things? Or, stop doing things?

Likely, dropping the negative components of our lives will just as much lead to positive outcomes as adding positive components into our lives. Most of the times we might find it easier to STOP doing something than to add another complex task into our already complex and chaotic lives.

Stop eating sugar.

Stop hanging out with negative people.

Stop watching T.V.

Stop drinking.

Remove the distractions.

Remove the easy to fail aspects of your life.

I understand all of the things in which you should drop out of your life can be equally challenging as adding a positive behavior. However, the more you can start to look at eliminating things rather than always trying to add something that may cancel something else out, the more straightforward the path to success will appear.

The path to your goals isn't necessarily paved by adding new behaviors or learning new information, but by dropping the negative out of your life. Likely, we already know the negative things that are getting in the way. We might not know the best workout routine or the next best diet, but we have a strong intuitive sense of what NOT to do.

Start not doing rather than just doing.

Still struggling on finding the negative aspects to be eliminated? Email me, and I can help you find the right path forward.

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